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The Dark Side of Innocence

The Dark Side of Innocence

“I wanted to tell her to never change, to never let her heart get trampled down and hard.
But she’d remember that, too. And right now she didn't know that there was any other way to be.
That her heart, her soul, could ever be anything other than soft and lovely and fertile.
And she needed to stay that way as long as she could.” 
R.J. Keller

cape - Max Mara, necklace - needmorestyle.com

jacket - Mango , shoes - The Style Lounge

dress - Y2K, bracelets - Dagor , scarf - Invuu London

necklace - Ebay, top - Glint Boutique

shoes - Shoe Box , dress - vintage

jacket - Romwe, necklace - appleineye, earrings - Glintz

sweater - Mango

sweater - Mango
dress - DressVe , earrings - Sheinside

cape - Max Mara , necklace - needmorestyle.com

jacket - Mango , necklace - appleineye
Photography by Stavros Christodoulou and Constantia Katsari (Clique Photography). Model: Daria Gourova. Make Up & Hair Styling by Magdalena SkoczylasStyling by Katarzyna Szopa. Shot at Cavo Greco, Famagusta District (Cyprus).


Ostatnio wspominalam Wam o tym, że kilka tygodni temu miałam przyjemność wziąć udział w sesji zdjęciowej. Tym razem uczestniczyłam tam jako stylistka. To pierwsze takie moje doświadczenie o którym nie ukrywam marzyłam od dawna. Mam nadzieję, że efekty tej sesji spodobają Wam się równie mocno jak i mnie.
Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to take part in a photo shoot. This time I attended there as a stylist. This is  my first experience about which I admit I've dreamed for a long time. I hope that the results of this session you will love  just as much as me.

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